Congress Travel Grant


SSR Matching 1-for-1 Travel Grant

Singapore Society of Rheumatology (SSR) is matching APLAR with 1-for-1 APLAR Congress Travel Grant,  up to USD 50,000. In total, this year, APLAR will be giving out a total of USD 100,000

Application for APLAR Congress Travel Grant is now extended till Friday, 5 July 2024.


The Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR) invites APLAR Young Rheumatologists (AYR) to submit their application for the APLAR Conference Travel Grant. APLAR will grant 50-100 need-based travel stipends to AYR members with an accepted abstract for a poster, oral, or rapid-fire presentation for 2024.

The grant assists AYR in covering part of the travel expenses for attending the APLAR Conference. The grant will include complimentary registration to the conference and the following need-based allowance to cover part of the estimated travel and lodging costs of attending the conference:

  • US$ 500 if AYR members reside in the country where the annual conference is held.
  • US$ 1000 if AYR members reside outside the country where the annual conference is held.

Grant recipients will be personally responsible for all travel arrangements including, but not limited to, air/train/bus tickets, hotel booking, and insurance.

Only completed applications with the correct supporting documents will be considered and the grant decision will be made by the APLAR Scientific Committee based on merit and need. Endorsement by the APLAR Board of Directors on the travel grant is final.


The offer is valid only for:

Member of AYR; and
Have not received a travel grant before.

Priority will be given to applicants:

with an accepted oral presentation over those with an accepted poster or abstract.
who have never attended APLAR Conference.

The following documents need to be enclosed with the application:

Outline of the proposal for applying APLAR Congress Travel Grant.

Please study the template below for proposal development and submission it along with the application form.

Applicant Particular
Provide name, Date of birth, workplace, contact number and email address of the applicants.
Abstract Details
Provide abstract title and result
Cover Letter
Cover letter making a (need-based) case for your selection for the travel grant. The letter should specify if and how the applicants get funded for their training (for example whether they need to work to pay for living expenses and/or to conduct their research), if they have access to travel funds to attend conferences (through their schools/hospital or grants), and if and how they have exhausted the travel funds.
Letter from Direct Supervisor
A letter from their direct supervisors confirming the applicant’s source of funding during the year (i.e., a scholarship, a stipend, or any other research funding) and verifying that the applicants does not have access to other travel funds.


The grant will be disbursed at the conference. Successful applicants shall collect the grant personally from the APLAR Secretariat.


Application for APLAR Congress Travel Grant is open from 15 March 2024 to 31 May 2024.



• Please read through the application carefully and include all the required information.
• Please Submit the completed application and the related appendices, and email PDF of the application.
• Please Email application to:


Grant Application Deadline – Monday, 31 October 2022.

Terms and Restrictions

• This travel grant is open to APLAR Young Rheumatologist (AYR) for attendance of the APLAR Annual Conference.

• Grant will be awarded based on needs to AYR members with an accepted abstract, poster, or oral presentation.

• Grant recipients will be personally responsible for all travel arrangements including air/train/bus tickets, hotel booking and insurance

• The grant will be disbursed at the APLAR Conference, and recipients are to collect the grant personally from the APLAR Secretariat.

• Successful applicant who failed to turn up for the conference is required to provide valid reason for the absence. Absent without a valid reason will have the grant forfeited and will not be allowed to apply for future grant. An email will also be sent to the applicant’s supervision and to the President of the applicant’s national rheumatology society