The ASPIRE curriculum comprises a series of educational modules on rheumatology care. These were developed with nurses in mind by a working group of leading rheumatologists and rheumatology nurse specialists. Currently, three core training modules pertaining to rheumatoid arthritis are available: patient assessment; treatment and self-management education; and disease monitoring and followup care.

ASPIRE core training modules have been reviewed and endorsed by the APLAR Education Committee.

The APLAR-ASPIRE Education Grant program is in line with our aims to enhance and enrich rheumatology care and encourage the improvement of knowledge and skills of nurses in the region. These grants are available specifically to support educational activities relating the ASPIRE core training modules. 

Two types of awards are available:

• APLAR-ASPIRE Education Grant I: SGD 1,000 will be awarded to support the organization of small meetings with at least 20 participants

• APLAR-ASPIRE Education Grant II: SGD 2,500 will be awarded to support the organization of larger meetings with at least 50 participants Rheumatologists, nurses, hospitals, healthcare centres, academic institutions, professional associations, patient societies, research bodies with an interest in rheumatology are eligible to apply. Application will need to be supported by MNO’s letter of endorsement. APLAR will only reimburse once a year to each MNO country that has been successfully awarded.

Please complete the application form and submit it to us at at least 8 weeks before your event. All applicants will be notified regarding their applications within 2 weeks from the date of submission. 

Click the links below to access more information on the APLAR-ASPIRE Education Grants:

Application Form

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