APLAR-EULAR Exchange Program

Application Closes: 15 February 2024

The purpose of the APLAR-EULAR Exchange Program is to promote the international exchange of clinical and research skills, expertise and knowledge within rheumatology. The program recognises outstanding rheumatology professional faculty in both laboratory and clinic-based research and provides exposure to the exciting work being done by colleagues overseas. This exchange program allows candidates to share knowledge and experience and creates opportunities for collaboration.

The program supports young academic rheumatologists to travel from Asia Pacific to Europe to experience the EULAR Annual Congress, engage in a half-day exchange program with European colleagues at the Annual Congress and participate in a subsequent site visit at a local institution. Travel grant will be awarded upon completion of the program. APLAR is inviting AYR members who are Rheumatologists or Senior Residents in Rheumatology to apply for the program. Successful candidates will receive a complimentary registration to the EULAR Annual Congress and a travel grant of 2’000 EUR. In addition, there will be an optional one-week attachment to a EULAR Center of Excellence, for selected candidates to be given an additional travel grant of 1’000 EUR. Applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:
  • To hold a non-tenured faculty appointment or Senior Rheumatology Resident, or equivalent position (below the level of professor), at an academic center in an APLAR or a EULAR member country or as determined by the APLAR Education Committee.
  • Applicants should have a doctoral degree (MD, PhD, DSc, or equivalent) in a field/area relevant to rheumatology.
  • Demonstrate a firm commitment to academic medicine.
  • Must be 40 years of age or under at time of application.
Applicants who do not meet all eligibility criteria listed above will not be considered.
Detailed information is found in the application form. Please download to apply. For enquiry and completed application form submission, please email secretariat@aplar.org Documents for submission with this application:
  • Current curriculum vitae (PDF format – please include publications in your CV) – to include:
    • Summary of teaching activities undertaken as a rheumatologist and mentoring/supervision activities (e.g. medical student projects, other PhD students, educational supervision (incl. date of activity), if applicable
    • Your publications
  • Letter of recommendation from a senior academician within rheumatology (PDF format)
  • Letter of support from Chief of Rheumatology (PDF format)
  • An abstract for submission to EULAR 2020
  • AYR membership certification
Application Closes: 15 February 2024.