Renew CoE Application

As an Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR)-certified Center of Excellence, APLAR recognises your commitment to making long term performance improvements. To ensure that your organisation continuously demonstrate high standards in all three clinical, educational and research skills or in a specific area of focus (Research, Training and Education/Patient Care, or Training and Education), APLAR requires accredited organisations to become re-accredited every three years. However, once the initial accreditation is complete, the foundation is set and re-accreditation is a much simpler process.

Benefits of being an APLAR-certified Center of Excellence:

  • Recognition of being among the best in class for rheumatology clinical practice, research and patient care.
  • Support local physicians in their understanding of the best research and clinical practices in rheumatology.
  • Share best practices on medical and strategic approaches to diagnose, treat and manage rheumatic diseases.
  • Share perspectives on clinical and clinical trial management at the institutional level and encourage collaborations with other institutions.
  • Provide training to young rheumatologists, scientists, rheumatology nurse specialists/clinical nurses or allied health professionals within the region.
  • Foster collaborations and partnerships.

Roles and responsibilities of an APLAR Center of Excellence:

  • Be a reference Center for APLAR Guidelines.
  • Welcome fellows of the APLAR Fellowship programme
    • Welcome fellows of APLAR-CoE Exchange Programme:
  • offering at least one (1) fellow to visit the center for about 1-2 month;
  • covering the local expenses for accommodations and local transport; and
  • providing daily living expenses.
    • Establish strong network with other centers to:
  • Provide training in order to raise standards of clinical practice, research, and training capabilities.
  • Support dissemination of best practice guidelines to these centers.

Results will be published on the APLAR website and announced at the annual APLAR Conference.