• Provide a conducive and nurturing environment within APLAR for trainees and young rheumatologists (≤ 45 years old) to network and collaborate in education, research, and social activities

• Encourage active participation in all activities of APLAR

• Identify and nurture future leaders of APLAR


All rheumatologists and trainees (45 years old and less at the time of application) from all Member National Organisations (MNOs) will be eligible to apply to become AYR member and be able to join all AYR’s activities planned by AYR Board.

AYR membership will last until the applicants turn 46 (on their birthday). For members who are already 45-year-old at the time of application, the membership will last 1 year from the time of application.

Benefits of Membership

The AYR board oversees tasks such as international collaboration, social media, membership recruitment drive, and educational activities including AYR symposia. Our organization has gradually grown, with a membership drive being initiated at the 2018 APLAR Congress in Taiwan.

The first APLAR Young Rheumatologists symposium and trainee preceptorship session was held at the 21st APLAR congress 2019 Brisbane with the participation of a large number of trainees and consultants. The second AYR symposium was held as a virtual meeting at the 22nd APLAR Virtual Congress 2020.