ASia-Pacific Initiative for Rheumatology Nurse Education (ASPIRE)

Dear Colleagues, Friends of APLAR, and Visitors, Nurses play an important role within the rheumatology multidisciplinary team and the services they provide are highly valued by patients. At APLAR, we aim to support our nurses in Asia-Pacific to better meet the multiple, unique challenges faced in the actual rheumatology clinical practice. The ASia-Pacific Initiative for Rheumatology Nurse Education (ASPIRE) is a rigorous and standards-based curriculum established to cater to the educational needs of rheumatology nurses in the region. Developed under the guidance of a working group of leading rheumatologists and rheumatology nurse specialists, the core training modules are structured around: patient assessment; treatment and self-management education; and disease monitoring and follow-up care in RA. These modules have been reviewed and endorsed by APLAR. We hope that the ASPIRE core training modules will serve as a useful resource for both individual learning and professional education settings. To support this, we have developed a toolkit guiding local implementation of the training modules. Click the links below to access information on the ASPIRE core training modules: Click the links below to access more information on the ASPIRE core training modules:



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