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The Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR) invites applications from science and medical graduates from APLAR member societies for its APLAR Fellowship grant. Up to three (3) fellowship grants are available for the year 2022.

The grant is to assist graduates to undertake an intensive or advanced study in clinical aspects or research methodology of either adult or paediatric rheumatology in a rheumatic disease unit outside his own country, preferably at an APLAR Center of Excellence, or others, for a minimum period of six (6) months.

The APLAR Executive Committee will consider the option of extending the Fellowship duration to twelve (12) months if there is a clinical need. Ideally, the candidate would be able to do a research project during his training, particularly for those who apply for the 12 months grant. The successful candidate must have a long-term commitment to continue research or clinical work in his/her own country at the conclusion of the Fellowship. The grant is to cover accommodation and subsistence costs.

All successful fellows are required to submit a full report to the APLAR Executive Committee upon the completion of the Fellowship, together with a report from their supervisor. Additionally, for those who apply for the 12 months grant, they are required to submit data from the work carried out (if any) during the Fellowship for presentation at a subsequent APLAR Congress of Rheumatology, and for publication as a full scientific article in an international peer-reviewed journal, preferably the International Journal of the Rheumatic Diseases. An acknowledgment of the APLAR grant must be included in the manuscript.

Applications for the APLAR Fellowship for a period up to 12 months must be stated up front when the candidate is applying for the Fellowship. The APLAR Executive Committee will not consider extensions of the APLAR Fellowship once the initial application has been approved.

Only completed applications with the correct supporting documents will be accepted. The decision of the APLAR Executive Committee on the award of these Fellowships is final.