Greetings and welcome to the official APLAR website!

Since its inception in 1963 with four member nations, APLAR has been trying to advance patient care, education and research on rheumatic disorders in the Asia Pacific region. To meet these needs APLAR has continuously been arranging annual congresses, conducting Community Oriented Program for Controlling Rheumatic Disorders (COPCORD) activities, and offering grants for research fellowship training. APLAR’s official journal, The International Journal of Rheumatic Disorders (IJRD), holds a prestigious position amongst the rheumatology journals and publishes cutting edge research as well as latest clinical studies.

With the passage of time APLAR now boasts of 31 affiliated member national organizations (MNOs). Eleven special interest groups (SIGs) currently conduct specific educational and collaborative research initiatives, organize SIG symposia in the congresses and are responsible for developing and updating treatment recommendations. On the international front, APLAR’s International Affairs Committee has been liaising with other international bodies, particularly EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) and ACR (American College of Rheumatology) with regards to exchange of information and experience. Recently introduced initiatives include APLAR Young Researcher, ASPIRE (ASia-Pacific Initiative for Rheumatology Nurse Education), Voice of APLAR (VOA) and the APLAR patronage program.

APLAR is moving fast, but the time has come to move faster. APLAR needs to strengthen its presence in the international field. In this regard it will have to make its presence felt in the remaining 42 countries of the Asia Pacific. By grooming rheumatology in all its aspects in the 55 Asian and 18 Oceania countries, APLAR will then truly be a pan Asia Pacific organization.

The success of any organization is built upon its failures. I believe, on balance, you will judge the League to be a successful organization in the 55th year of its journey. We owe a lot to my predecessors for nurturing APLAR to its current shape. I hope, in future, greater cooperation will be extended from all MNOs to steer APLAR on the path of success.

Finally, on a separate note, I would like to invite you all to the upcoming APLAR congress to be taking place in Brisbane, Australia from 8-11 April, 2019. As always, the congress will be packed with cutting edge information, eminent speakers and also a chance to exchange views. Apart from the congress, Brisbane itself will offer you a chance to explore its subtropical paradise. I hope to see you all there soon.