Grand Round

APLAR Grand Round – Type 2 Inflammatory Diseases: Manifestations, Treatment and Clinical Implications for Rheumatologists

About SIGs

The APLAR Special Interest Groups (SIG) were launched in September 2016 with the intention to create sustainable scientific interactions among rheumatologists from various APLAR countries in each field of rheumatology.


The purpose and objects of the SIGs are

• Patient empowerment;

• Education of physicians, including continued professional development (CPD) of rheumatologists in the APLAR region;

• Formulation of APLAR management guideline of each disease;

• Development of a registry in APLAR; and

• Development of research collaboration


Members of SIG shall consist of:

1. One (1) member nominated by each MNO;

2. One (1) member nominated from each MNO by the SIG Convenor;

3. Two (2) to three (3) eminent persons who have great scientific background and have contributed significantly to the scientific world. They shall be identified and invited to the SIG at the advice of the convenor, with the approval from APLAR Board of Directors. They should be from APLAR region, acting as mentor to convenor.


• Recommendation of members of APLAR Scientific Committee

• Recommendation of speakers of APLAR Review Course of annual scientific meetings of APLAR.

• Organization of symposia of annual scientific meetings of APLAR together with the local organization committee and APLAR Scientific Committee.

• Conduction of international collaborative studies in the related field.

• Planning and publishing of APLAR recommendation of rheumatic diseases.

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