History of ARISE with APLAR

Asia Pacific faces unique challenges in the area of rheumatic diseases management. The region is incredibly diverse, with wide cultural differences in each country and varying stages of development and growth.

To meet these challenges, ARISE with APLAR was established as a partnership between APLAR and Janssen Asia Pacific at the 15th APLAR Congress in Jordan in September, 2012.

As a collaborative force and pioneering platform for medical education, ARISE with APLAR aims to overcome these challenges by delivering state-of-the-art care and increasing public awareness and understanding of rheumatic diseases.

This partnership combines APLAR’s vast knowledge and increasing influence as the largest rheumatology association in the Asia Pacific region with Janssen’s global leadership in Immunology.

At the launch ceremony, then APLAR President Prof. Rohini Handa said that this strategic collaboration represented one of the “greatest achievements” of his two-year term.

“Addressing unmet medical needs in rheumatology is a major challenge for APLAR, and we are delighted to make a bigger difference by partnering with one of the world’s leaders in Immunology”, said 2012-2013APLAR President Prof. Zhanguo Li. “The combination of our respective strengths will allow us to do more for our patients,” he added.

Immunology Medical Affairs Lead for Janssen Asia Pacific, Dr Malcolm Handel stated, “We aim to share our knowledge and bring resources to the vast number of rheumatologists in our region directly to their doorsteps.”

​The ARISE program continues to evolve and develop and reached an important milestone in 2014 with the launch of the ARISE with APLAR Global Partnership Initiative